So, what is this blog about anyway? Creative living and self-actualization.

Hello, my name is Rose. Like most people, I am constantly evolving. I continually seek new information. I studied Anthropolgy in school, which further fueled my interest in the world that surrounds me. I was fascinated by how the outer world was in an ongoing dance with the internal lives of people, thus impacting how people interact with others and the world itself. The complexities surrounding inner and outer worlds are endless. It only seemed natural to start a blog about topics that piqued my interest and curiosity.

When I first started this blog, I went in with the idea of writing about topics that drew my interest. After a while, I noticed that specific themes arose from my blog posts. The themes that came to the forefront related to living a creative life and self-actualization. Self-actualization can be simply defined as realizing and fulfuling one’s greatest potential. The simple definition is what I have adopted as a theme for this blog, alongside the theme of living a creative life. As the themes in this blog have become more specific, I decided it was time for a site revamp, along with a new blog name: Tiger’s Gaze.

Tigers hold symbolic meaning throughout the world. Tigers are associated with confidence, courage, strength, power, focus and patience. A tiger is the master of its domain and it is aware of its surroundings. It will observe an opportunity before pouncing, but once a decision is made it is purposeful. The symbol of tiger encourages us to reflect and meditate on our world, before acting, though to go boldly, once a decision is made. Creative living goes hand-in-hand with reflection, meditation and the creation of a life one wishes to live.

Unsurprisingly, it took me months to make the decision to revamp this blog and to narrow the focus. I think this change aligns better with the intent of this blog: to encourage a creative life and to promote engagement in self-actualizing behaviours. I know for me that I am drawn to the act of creativity, as well as exploring and discovering my best self. I draw, paint and write. These type of activities have so many benefits which serve as a powerful outlet. I hope that the content in this blog serves as a posititive influence in your life.

Thanks for checking out this blog!



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