Thought Experiment: a world filled with ART and CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

Art and creative expression serve as an important benefit to society, yet rarely are artists rewarded at the level that they should be.  One may even argue that art and creative expression are suppressed in certain areas of the world.  But what if art and creative expression became the norm throughout this tiny blue planet in the universe?  What would the world look like?  I envision a beautiful world.

I see streets filled with vibrant bright colours, rather that streets that are designed for utility.  I see more street performances and people pausing to view the performance, rather than rushing to their next destination or chore.  As a result of free creative expression, I see joy and peace on the faces of people I pass by. Perhaps, I say hello and converse with some. Perhaps, I take the time to know these people I converse with.

While artistic expression does exist, it seems that artistic and creative expression are muted in some parts of the world.  Perhaps, this is a loss for us, because we miss out on a beautiful offering.  However, there are some corners of the world that embrace artistic expression. When I am able to view and absorb these pieces of art, I am filled with delight and I would wish I could see the same thing back home.  Observing art and creative expression increases feelings of joy and peace.  Art and creative expression can also shift perspective.

When I think about art and creativity, I also think about how art can be a means of expression. Art can embed important messages. For example, Mexican Muralism which commenced in the 1920s embedded political messages as a part of the efforts to reunify Mexico under the post Mexican Revolution government. Murals with socio-political messages were painted on public buildings. The murals were also a means to promote a Mexican identity that included indigenous and Spanish themes. This type of art continues to this day. Art and creativity can be quite powerful and can influence the masses.

Beautiful Mexican art on public structures today:

There are many parts of the world that are filled with art and creative expression. This makes me wonder why certain parts of the world appear more utilitarian with an absence of artistic expression.  Based on many historical artistic revolutions, art and creative expression have the power to shift ways of thinking and may promote change.  Art and creative expression can help us to realize that our lives need not be dictated by others. Is it possible that art and creative expression are suppressed for this very reason? Is there fear that art and creative expression will disrupt the status quo?  

What do you think?


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